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Hawk_196's Rusty - Bandit Gang

You have entered a world of rustlers and bandits.

Hello peoples. This is basically a site used to host my pics of my rusty, but I'll include tips, my setup, and, of course, my track.

My Rustler

This is the basic setup of my rustler.
Speed Gems 2 Ruby 16 turn triple
Novak Explorer II esc
Futuba Magnum Sport tx and rx (AM, 68)
Pro Line bow-ties (2)
Pro Line the edges (2)
???? "Big Beasts" (4)
Pro Line Road Hawgs on HPI Five Star rims (4)
Radio Shack 1200, 1800
Dyna Sport 1500
Panasonic 1400
(Soon to be) Panasonic 1400 (7 cell)
Futuba FP.S148 servo
Duratrax Maximum ST Aluminum Shocks baby!
Duratrax Maximum ST Orange Springs(rear)
Losi Red Spings (front)
Deans Plugs all around (on motor too)
5x11 bearings and carriers
RPM Wide Front Bumper (though the pics don't show it)
And two bodies. One white and yellow, and one flourecent orange with a silver front.
That's all for now.

Dave's Bandit

Trinity Speed Gems 2 Quartz 19 turn double
Novak Explorer Sport
Traxxas TQ radio (blue)
Stock Tires
Purple Rims
Trinity Flourescent Orange Antenna Tube
Deans plugs all around
More to come!

My Track

Ok, If you're up to imagining things, read this. If you're not, read this and look at my pictures.
Ok lets get started.
If you were to start, going down the sand straight, you would make a 90 degree left turn. Actually you have the chance of making a 90 degree turn, or a 180 degree turn, either way you're in the oval. If you made a 90 degree turn, then you would go past the 180 degree turn, and make another 90 degree left turn. Now you're on the long side of the oval, and you can continue going straight, or make a 180 and keep going in circles. Lets just say you kept going straight. you'll cross the "cross oval straight" go slightly past a tree on your right, and turn right. basically, you'll follow the tree around 270 degrees, and go down the "cross oval straight" and fly off the mulch jump. When you land, you will have flown over the end of the sand straight. You will drive a little while, make a u-ie around some trees, come back the way you came, take a left and end up on the sand straight. There really isn't a definate course to the track, but that's the one we usually follow. You can always change direction at and moment though. Lost?? Head over to the pictures section and look at the track pictures. Then come back and read this again, you'll get it some time. And don't worry if you still haven't gotten it yet, I'm going to scan a plan of the track in.:)

General Bashing Tips

Ok, here are some general bashing tips.

#1. Get a place to bash.
Well, you can't bash if you don't have a place to bash at. So make a track in your backyard. If you don't have a backyard, find a place. If you can, find a local track, those are always good. If you can't find a track, then try to find a construction site, field, baseball field, etc.

#2. Construct a jump.
Face it, you got an offroad car, why not jump it?? So how? Make a jump! It doesn't nessecairily have to be made out of wood. Anything laying around will work. First, find a flat "thing". What I mean is a piece of sheet metal, a piece of plywood, a baseball base, something! Then find a supporter. Those are the things you put under the jump. Some suggestions are, a piece of wood, a log, a pipe, anything! Now put two and two together and make that jump!

#3. Get a friend.
If bashing by yourself is buckets of fun, imagine having a friend with a car too! It's always better when somebody else bashes with you. Heck, it doesn't even need to be a friend, it could be a spouse, a sibling, a kid (if you have one), just somebody.

#4. Have Fun!
You get the general idea :).

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My Car
The car with the "menacing" Monster truck ("Big Best") Tires and the Yellow + White body. Looks scary doesn't it?

My Track

A nice shot of the bulk of the track.

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