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Here you can see my car in action!
These are (right now) all shot during a session in my back yard. Yes this is my home-made track, and yes, it's buckets of fun! Here's an overall layout of the course. If you're in the drver's stand (treehouse looking thing) and facing the main track, then..... right under you is the sand straight. A little past that is the "oval". If you go past the oval then you'll end up in the hairpin u-turn to the cross-oval straight. at the end of the straight is a jump. If you go off the jump, then you land at the back of the sand straight, only sideways. You keep going striaght, make another u-turn, take a right turn, and you're going back on the sand straight. There really isn't a "definate layout as you can change what you want to do depending on which way you turn. For instance. When the cross-oval straight crosses the oval, you don't have to go off the jump. yu can just turn right and go back in the oval. There are so many possibilities that it's endless! Just look at the pictures and try to figure out how the course is layed out from there. I'll try to get more overhead shots during the day, but remember, this whole track is encapped by the canopy of leaves, so it wll be a bit shaded.
P.S. Sorry, dial-ups, about the long page load. Re-sizing is tedious!
P.P.S. I'm going to get a map of the track scanned in sometime.

Here's my car going up the "cross oval straight"(the opposite direction of the jump). That ramp you see is now placed right at the edge of the oval "crossing the road" to the hairpin turn.

Here's another shot of the jump. My car has just exited the oval and is going into the hairpin turn around the tree, and down the straightaway (going to the bottom left)

Here's one of the car going into the oval (the opposite way from the last picture).

Here's right after you land the jump, going down, turning around, and coming back to take a right onto the sand straight. The sand straight would be on the very bottom right going left.

Oh!, and a crash after the jump! Actually I'm not exactly sure if it's in the air or on the ground. I think it's on the ground.

Here you can definately tell that the jump is just to the right, out of camera shot. And you can also see most of the flouresence in my car in this pic too :)

IMO I think this is the BEST of the bunch of car jumps. Like it?

Yes, this IS our driver's stand. And yes that is me. If you look in the bottom left you can see the end of the sand straight, turning into the oval.

Here's another shot of the driver's stand, shot from a differend angle. You can figure out where it was shot in the pic to the left because I haven't turned any. On the bottom, you can't see it, but the sand straight goes to the left in the pic, and the landing zone of the jump is to the far right.

Here's a better pic of the mulch jump, the landing zone, and the bottom of the oval in the very bottom of the pic. If you're wondering where the oval is, it comes toward the picture.

This pic even confuses me. Basically, the straight-away is on the left, coming towar you, and the oval is on the right. The oval will be heading left and into the hairpin turn.

Yet another pic of the mulch jump, and the landing zone. If you can see the cones then, the yellow one is the one you turn a u turn (turning right).

Here's an overhead shot of the sand straight turning [left] into the oval. You can see where sand meets dirt in the pic and that's where the sand stright goes into the oval. The oval sort of goes off the screen but you can see from the skid marks in the dirt where it turns around.

If you're lost and you don't understand things one at a time, then this pic is for you. The oval is on the right (look where the triangle jump is) and heads to the left into the hairpin turn around the tree. You should be where the car is now. You take a final right, go down the straight-away (to the bottom left) and off the mulch jump (not the one in the pic). Oh and the little white line? That's a zip line that runs high through our yard.

For those of you who haven't caught on where the sand straight is and the landing zone is, then look at this. The sand in the bottom right goes off the screen in a south-westerdly direction. The landing zone is what's mainly in the picture, and you can easily see the u turn. You basically come from the right, going left, turning around, and turning right onto the sand straight.

Yes, my car is so fast its a mere blur! No really, aren't pictures much better when you use fast shutters? I think so.

And the last of the buch for now. Here's a nice overhead pic of the mulch jump goin into the landing zone. Sort-of in the bottom middle of the pic is the start of the sand straight. It goes down out of the picture.

For the confused, here is the map. If you can see, it has little captions and arrows. Its pretty much self-explanitory. Just look at this and compare it with the pictures.

Yes, very scary indeed. Yellow body + monster truck tires.

Well, you asked for a topless pic so, here ya go. The brief setup is SG2 Ruby 16t single, Novak Explorer II, Futuba Magnum Sport (FM).

Alot (actually most) of the pictures here are taken during the dark. If your monitor is just too dang dark then look at this picture instead. No, that's not mud on the track, just sunlight streaming through the trees and beaming down on the ground.