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Recent Pics

Here are some more recent pics.
Many things have happened to my rusty in the past 2 - 3 weeks. Check my updates page to see what's been happening. Right now, just look at some pictures.

By golly! What has happened?
It seems as though the battery tray has been "jangified". Who has done this crime?
My handy dandy charging station.
Its very useful. That's a fan above it on the wall. I have a Dynamite Vision Peak charger and 1200, 1500, and 1800 packs.
The evidence.
This was found at the crime scene.......
The new jump.
This jump replaces where the mulch jump was. The way its crafted is JUST right. It provides the car with hieght AND legnth.
The new tabletop.
This takes the place of the semi-permanant jump that was made out of wood. I plan to add on to it more sometime.
The new bank.
You may be asking yourself "Where is this??". Well I extended the track back more (past the hairpin and it connects with the straightaway) and made this bank. though it doesn't seem to work too well, it still looks cool. Later, I'll extend the hieght of it and make it even better.
The extended cross straight.
You'll go into the bank on the right and come around behiend the picture and emerge on the left.