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Track happenings
Scince some things have been happeneing with me, my rustler, and my track, I figured that I should include an updates page. Just this past weekend (10/11-10/13) has there been a major overhaul of my track. My brother went ahead and went someplace to find dirt. Well, he found dirt alright, and lots of it!! Turns out a couple years back, the school close to us had had some construction that involved taking out alot of dirt. Well, all they did is move the dirt somewhere else and leave it there. Lots and lots of grass has grown on it scince and made the soil very healthy. There really wasn't any sign that said not to take it, so we went ahead and took some home. Actually, we took several truck loads (4-5) and used it for our own purposes. The place in the track where the ajustable jump was is now a tabletop. The place where the mulch jump was is now a crazy hieght-distance jump. Finally, we extanded the track back some more (we planned it out a long time ago, but it didn't take shap until now) by extending the hairpin into an S-curve. The S-curve goes a little while and follows up with a banked corner turning right. The turn continues around a fire pit/pit stop and hooks up with the cross-oval straight. Oh and I almost forgot, we added a small double/moguls to the u-turn around and back the landing zone.
I'll arrange some pics soon.

Car News
There hasn't been really very many mods or changes to my rusty other than a brush replacement and a battery tub mod.
I'll explain.
I already had my battery tub kind-of modded up, but not much. All I had was some holes in the bottom. But now, I have way more cut out. I basically looks like 4 squares, cut out as 2 rectangles in the middle, and one square on each end. I'll get pics up soon.
As for the brushes, well, the motor died, so I got new ones.

NEW TIRES!!!!! I've recently bought some new on road tires because I like to run the car on the street. The tires are Pro Line Road Hawgs were already mounted on HPI Five Star Rims. The problem was that the front rims had cut-outs had circular cut outs! AAARRRGGGG!! Well being my hand self (and Jonathan), we made new ones out of rubber washers! I'll get pics soon, but now I have some limited space on the hard drive.